Disadvantages of Asbestos Roof

In the years before b1984 most houses were used the asbestos as roofing materials because they were considered to be affordable and durable.  This material was resistant to adverse weather conditions and it could be manipulated to different shapes and forms. Asbestos roofs contained mineral fibers and cement and the materials differed in percentage of asbestos concentration. These types of roofing have so far ceased to be used to because of the many health implications it caused on people. There are some houses which were built before 2000 and still have asbestos roof. Such houses need someone who is trained to remove the Asbestos and change the roofing materials. When performing the removal of such roofs one should take into consideration the proper handling of the asbestos material because it is potentially dangerous. There are people who still have the asbestos roof in low concentration that they do not pose any health risk but they should hire skilled people to perform repairs and maintenance from time to time following the set standards. The medical risks that asbestos roof caused were when its microscopic fibers were inhaled they would cause cancer and respiratory infections like Asthma

In addition to medical concerns about asbestos roof maintenance and repair becomes very difficult because there are not many qualified contractors willing to work directly with the material. Another challenge that faced with asbestos were used in the repair and removal tools. Some roofing material is spoiled is too brittle and can break easily, even the use of hand poses a greater risk not only to the contractor, but the inspiration for the environment stack. Due to the risk of these types of roof repair was very expensive, that most people can barely manage it. That’s why most people would like to remove the asbestos roof, except for repairs. It is also difficult to find materials for repair, because the asbestos material is no longer popular. If you already live in the house, which was constructed of asbestos material, a very important test. You may feel fine, but symptoms can create a layer of asbestos fibers are inhaled or swallowed or may not be grouped inside the body, so they will clot in the airways and lungs. There are extreme cases where the elevation is caused by asbestos inhalation of asthma, which ultimately led to the death.

Make sure that the person you call to handle asbestos roofing must be licensed and well trained, many firms these days must be licensed by relevant government bodies to handle the asbestos materials. Nowadays there are special equipment used specifically for asbestos repair and removal. The earlier you carefully remove and properly maintain the roof the better you will be on reducing the related health risks and the overhead cost of handling this potentially risky materials.

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