Local Exhaust Ventilation

Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Thorough Examination & Test

In spite of the risks of developing lung disease or occupational asthma, many employers are unaware of the levels of exposure experienced by their workforce, and thousands of employees are left with long-term illness or reduced lung function as a result. Even in premises where LEV (Local Exhaust Ventilation) is present, these systems are often poorly maintained or inadequate for the task – and gas, vapour, mist, fumes and dust are not removed quickly or effectively enough. At Asbestos Grp Ltd we offer comprehensive LEV Testing to ascertain the risks to your workforce and onsite visitors – helping you to meet statutory requirements and safeguard your employees from potentially fatal consequences.

LEV systems are designed to reduce exposure to harmful airborne contaminants and will often comprise an extraction hood, ducting, filters, an ‘air mover’ to draw air through the system and a final discharge stage that releases extracted air to a safe place.

As an employer you need to ensure that LEV Testing is carried out by someone with the knowledge, training and expertise to conduct a thorough examination to identify defects or failings and recommend remedial action. Choose Asbestos Grp Ltd for your LEV Testing and you’re assured detailed inspection and functional tests to determine the efficiency and effectiveness of your LEV system, followed by a comprehensive and accessible report that lists any potential shortfalls in capacity, as well as defects, wear and tear, plus any remedial action required. You have a responsibility to maintain your LEV installation to make sure adequate exposure control is in place to protect your workforce, so call us today to discuss LEV Testing with one of our specialists.

With CoSHH stipulating that LEV Testing can be done in no greater interval than 14 months, Asbestos Grp Ltd can ensure you receive timely and affordable LEV Testing to evaluate the effectiveness of your LEV and undertake any necessary steps to improve it.

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