Mesothelioma – asbestos exposure and life expectancy

Asbestos causes many dangers to a human’s life and one of the most common of these after a long period of exposure is cancer diseases and even rare forms cancer such as Mesothelioma.

There are three types of Mesothelioma that a human can develop. Firstly there is peritoneal and pericardial which most commonly affect the abdomen and heart, but the most common form of Medsothelioma in patients is pleural Mesothelioma of which there is much research and knowledge due to its common diagnosis. This also results in a more reliant treatment plan for the patient with a longer life expectancy rate than other forms.

However there are many factors that decrease life expectancy in a Mesothelioma patient and although some things can be altered in the person’s life other factors unfortunately cannot be changed.

Smoking can deeply affect the life expectancy of a patient with Mesothelioma and in fact cause more problems especially as the most common form of pleural Mesothelioma has a major impact on the patient’s lungs. Anyone who is diagnosed with Mesothelioma should immediately stop and never consider starting.

As diseases such as Mesothelioma are cause by a long term exposure to asbestos it is often found that the most common age to be diagnosed with the disease is 60. Often in these patients there is also a heightened risk of other problems such as high blood pressure and heart disease. However it is recently been found that secondary exposure to asbestos through contact with clothes etc containing the highly-fibrous mineral has decreased the age to which the disease is forming in humans.

Unlike other cancers that can be found and diagnosed quickly, Mesothelioma can bury itself within a human body for roughly 50 years before being found which consequently results in a late diagnosis and therefore makes treatment and life expectancy a lot more difficult than if it were found sooner.

As a result, treatment may also be less effective due to the lateness of diagnosis and the patient may be alternatively be given a treatment plan to make them more comfortable and increase their quality of life rather than help cure their disease.

Asbestos is a dangerous substance and a common misconception is that it a man-made substance conjured up from factories, however asbestos is in fact a naturally occurring mineral found in hundreds of countries.

It is extremely important to catch the disease fast or eliminate any exposure to the substance if possible through asbestos surveys or work areas and asbestos management.

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