noise and vibration

Noise Assessments Surveys and The Control of Noise at Work

Since the ‘Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005’ came into effect, it has been the responsibility of employers to ensure their workers are not exposed to levels of noise beyond the new limits. With Daily Noise Exposure Action Values now 85 dB (A) and 80 dB (A) upper and lower values respectively, it’s essential that effective noise assessments are carried out to determine individual exposure levels within the workplace.

Asbestos Grp Ltd are one of the UK’s most trusted providers of noise surveys and exposure monitoring, and we’ll conduct thorough noise assessments that include full sites as well individual equipment and manufacturing processes. You’ll receive a detailed and comprehensive report that includes the results of our noise surveys and assessments, identifying any employees or site visitors that may be at risk of hearing damage. Upon submission of our noise assessments report we’ll provide practical advice and information to help you achieve noise levels that meet today’s strict exposure limits.

Environmental Noise Monitoring

As well as noise surveys for workplace exposure, accurate Environmental noise assessments are often an integral part of planning procedures – with BS 4142:1997 required for any large purposed development that directly affects its surrounding environment. Asbestos Grp Ltd have many years of experience conducting noise surveys and assessments, and we’re able to monitor environmental noise accurately over long periods, analysing background noise and conducting noise assessments during peak hours, off-peak and even at night.

Hand-Arm and Whole Body Vibration Monitoring and Assessments:

As well as noise surveys, Asbestos Grp Ltd undertake accurate measurement and assessment of hand-arm vibration and whole body vibration, helping you to reduce exposure to harmful levels of vibration. The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations have strict ‘exposure action values’ and ‘exposure limit values’, put in place to protect employees who are tasked with using machinery or processes that transfer vibration.

With regular exposure to high vibration, workers may suffer injuries to their hands which include vascular disorders (often referred to as ‘vibration induced white finger’), as well as neurological and muscular damage. Whole body vibration can lead to significant lower back and joint problems, so it’s essential that your workforce receives the protection required by law – and Asbestos Grp Ltd can help you to meet all current compliance requirements with individual hand-arm and whole body assessments.

For more information on noise assessments or vibration monitoring, call 0800 5202376 or email [email protected], one of our team will be happy to offer advice and provide a free quotation for your specific requirements.