PAT Testing in Derbyshire Nottingham

PAT Testing in Derbyshire, Nottingham & Throughout The Midlands

PAT testing also referred to as portable appliance testing, has been around since the late 1990’s. It is a process by which electrical appliances in work places are routinely checked and inspected for safety purposes. It is widely used in the UK, Australia and Ireland and plays a vital role especially for insurance purposes

It is unthinkable to ignore the importance of portable appliance testing. Many issues are often found each time units are tested in companies. Such issues range from homemade and incorrect fuses to cracked plugs which are recklessly wired. Some tests reveal burnt out sockets and plugs, all of which can potentially cause a fire.

How Long Does It Take

Each portable appliance test task should take a few minutes per workstation. In most cases, the amount of time will depend on access to units that have to undergo pat testing. It will also depend on how complicated or sophisticated the units are.