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Removal of Asbestos Garages or Corrugated Asbestos Roofing Sheets

There is a common misconception that only a licensed removal agency or local authority can remove your tired asbestos garage. If you are contemplating replacement of your present prefabricated garage then it is very likely that this building contains asbestos cement or Chrysotile (‘white asbestos’). Asbestos cement normally contains from about 5% of white asbestos […]

Asbestosis Causing Danger Zones at Home and at Work

Asbestosis, a severe lung disease, can lead to mesothelioma, a cancer. These diseases are caused by asbestos, a deadly substance that scars the lungs and forms tumors in the mesothelium tissue. Asbestos is on a global path to elimination, but until then, staying out of the danger zones will keep the asbestos danger away from […]