Asbestos Removal Guide

Asbestos was a very popular building material which has been used for a very long time. Asbestos has a number of very useful properties which make it ideally suited to home and office buildings. It’s a great insulator and is also fireproof. It also has one not so desirable property, and that is that it’s lethal to humans and animals.

It was very common for asbestos to be used in the construction of offices and homes throughout the world, including in Australia right up until the mid 80’s. This means that any home built up until around 1986 requires inspection before any work is undertaken. It is very important that the asbestos is located and then safely removed by a team of trained people.

Asbestos is also damaging to the environment, which means disposing of it is also difficult. Asbestos should be put into special containers which are then sealed and marked accordingly.

When asbestos is being disposed off and carried on vehicles it is also a requirement that the vehicles carry safety information in case of an accident or crash. Asbestos is considered a very dangerous substance these days.

How to remove asbestos
The first step in removing asbestos is identifying exactly where it is. You should not attempt to do this yourself, if your house was built before 1986, or you are having building work done which uncovers asbestos then make sure you get in some specialists to identify any more asbestos in your home and then come up with ways to remove and dispose off of it.

Removing asbestos is a difficult task and should only be undertaken by specialist firms with the necessary training. These trained individuals will also have all the right safety equipment and the necessary training to ensure that the asbestos is removed carefully without endangering lives.

Hiring a professional
No part of asbestos removal should be undertaken by anyone except for trained removal firms. It is important to hire a professional such as a1asbestosremoval so that the asbestos is removed in accordance with Australian law and without causing harm to human or animal lives.

Asbestos also needs to be disposed of properly. A1Asbestosremoval has the necessary permits to dispose of this hazardous waste in the right way throughout Australia.

Asbestos removal Queensland
A1 Asbestos Removal will remove asbestos in Queensland and also offer asbestos removal Brisbane services. They only employ trained asbestos removers to ensure that everyone is kept safe. There’s no point risking removing asbestos by yourself as it is life threatening, the services offered by A1 aren’t even that expensive, certainly not expensive enough to make you consider risking your life for. Call them up and book an appointment today; the initial consultation will assess where the asbestos is and how much removing the asbestos is going to cost.

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